Hello and welcome to Sebastian Mihai's whiteboard on the Internet. Undeniably, many things which are interesting are also useless and many things which are useful are also boring. As a result, the articles here try to balance the two. I update the articles and add new ones whenever I have something to say or feel that I can further contribute to the betterment of humanity.

My name is Sebastian Mihai and I am a software engineer currently residing in Ontario, Canada. My hobbies are diverse, but one of my main interests has been game development on classic video game consoles. I also like to travel, hoping to experience as many cultures and languages as possible.

The website remains a work in progress, receiving new features periodically. As it is an experiment and a learning tool (being written from scratch), please excuse any possible bugs you may encounter.

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        Mar 18, 2014  aSMtris - Tetris in assembly language (x86, 16-bit)
        Mar 18, 2014  Future Shop planning
        Feb 20, 2014  Gold of the Kingdoms - an XNA/C# homebrew game
        Oct 19, 2013  Blue Elf 2 309-in-1 JAMMA PCB - troubleshoot controls not working
        Oct 14, 2013  Knights of the Round arcade game - review and memories
        Oct 10, 2013  Fractals in JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas


You can send email to sm.website@yahoo.com in order to contact me.

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