My name is Sebastian Mihai and I am a software developer currently residing in Ontario, Canada. My hobbies are diverse, but one of my main interests has been game development on classic video game consoles. My showcase contains over 40 projects on over 40 platforms, some of which have been featured in print magazines and produced on physical media.

I have also been interested in systems-level programming, and have written my own small-scale operating system from scratch.

This website was intended as an experiment and a learning tool (being written from scratch), so please excuse any possible bugs you may encounter.

I can be contacted by email at: sm.website@yahoo.com

Recent updates

        Mar 20, 2017  ZX Spectrum development - Husband Chores (in Z80 assembly language)
        Mar 20, 2017  Intellivision development - Hotel Bunny
        Mar 20, 2017  Coverage of my projects
        Mar 17, 2017  My homebrew cartridges
        Jan 13, 2017  Frostmaiden (amazon) guide for Diablo 2 single player hardcore, 1.14
        Dec 20, 2016  No Snakes! - a multiplayer game over serial port

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