Diablo 2 collector's edition photos (complete)
With the advent of Diablo 2 Resurrected, demand for the collector's edition of Diablo 2 released back in 2000 has increased. The large box contains many interesting items, and online sales might omit some of these.

The goal of this article is to present an inventory of all contents of the complete collector's edition box, giving collectors a tool, or a baseline with which to compare before spending money on a second-hand copy.

Click each photo to see the high-resolution version.

This is how a collector's edition should look!

The reverse of the box shows a serial number, out of 70,000.

I don't like these sleeve-like inserts; I prefer the older, tray style ones.

The insides of the front and back covers are covered in staff signatures.

My video DVD is still sealed.

The soundtrack CD is also sealed.

This product catalog also doubles as a Warcraft III poster.