Sega 32x development - Eight Queens
Eight Queens is an implementation of the Eight Queens Problem on Sega's unfortunate add-on to the Genesis, the 32x. Towards the end of the Genesis era, Sega's plan was for the 32x to tide Genesis players over, until the release of the next-gen system, the Sega Saturn. It seems that Sega preferred planet code-names for their systems, as the internal name for the 32x was Project Mars.

This Sega 32x homebrew finds all solutions, whereby no two chess queens threaten each other (as in, share a row, column, or diagonal), on a standard chess board of eight by eight squares.


Eight Queens ROM - the Sega 32x ROM; download this to run it in an emulator (I recommend Fusion364)
Source code - Eight Queens source code package
Dev kit with ready-to-compile source code for Eight Queens - get this if you wish to compile the Eight Queens ROM yourself.
Installation instructions (tested in Windows XP):
- Install MinGW
- Unzip all to c:\dev32x