Real life places and film characters in video games
Video games often draw inspiration from real life. Sometimes, they blatantly copy locations, film characters, etc. in an attempt to tie in with current popular culture. I've gathered here a few interesting ones. More examples can definitely be found, which are a lot more obvious (such as Great Wall, Mount Rushmore, etc.), but I've tried to select lesser-known ones.

Contra (NES) - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and the Alien

King of Fighters 98 and La Alhambra de Granada (Spain)

Big Bear Stage (Fatal Fury 2e) and Ayers Rock (Australia)

Nam 1975 (Arcade) and Movie

Cheng Sinzan Stage (Fatal Fury Special) and Jumbo Floating Restaurant (Hong Kong)

Fei Long Stage (Super Street Fighter 2) and Tiger Balm Gardens (Hong Kong)

Korea Stage (King of Fighters 2002) and 63 Building (Seoul)

Italy Stage (King of Fighters 2001) and Rialto Bridge (Venice)

Sagat Stage (Street Fighter series) and Wat Phra Si Sanphet temple (Thailand)

Rose Stage (Street Fighter Alpha) and Colosseum (Rome)

Gen Stage (Street Fighter Alpha) and Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong)

Kim Kaphwan Stage (Fatal Fury Special) and Namdaemun Gate (Seoul)

Osaka Stage (King of Fighters) and Osaka bridge

Xiangfei Stage (Real Bout Fatal Fury 2) and San Francisco Chinatown Gate