Super Nintendo development - Bucket
The Super Nintendo has been an extremely influential video game platform. In my opinion, it is the system with the best selection of games, possibly because it was at the peak of 2d graphics, which is the point in time when games were best. Naturally, I looked into developing a game for it. This game is based on the Internet meme about a walrus who had a bucket that was ultimately taken from him. The walrus then lamented the loss of his bucket.

You control Hugz the polar bear, who must deliver buckets to the angry walruses roaming about. Pick up buckets with the A button and place them on the ground with the B button, so that walruses walk into them. But be careful - if you get hit by a walrus, you have to start over! Once a walrus reaches a bucket, it becomes pacified and disappears.

Sure, the bear looks like Burly the brown bear. This is because I reused the graphics from that game since the SNES stores tiles in a similar fashion to the Gameboy. A simple palette swap, and voila, he's a polar bear now! Other than that, the SNES has a strange way of storing the bitplanes for a tile, possibly because it has to support multiple colour modes. See the palette.h file for more information.


- rom - the compiled rom. Play it in any Super Nintendo emulator
- snessdk devkit - Includes the source for Bucket, as well as a more complex Arkanoid game. Also includes an emulator. Project makefiles assume that this dev kit is installed to C:\
- source code - good starting point for your Super Nintendo homebrew development. Requires snessdk dev kit. Don't worry too much about the snesc subdirectory. The SNES-specific calls are found there, and when you're just beginning you could read the files (although the code is pretty cryptic), but I don't suggest modifying them. I didn't need to modify them.
- ZSNES - a decent SNES emulator I used for testing