Video game fun facts
Pac-Man's name comes from an onomatopoeia in the Japanese languages, where "paku-paku" is a term which imitates the sound of chewing.
The rare, collectible blue Sega Game Gear console came packaged with Lion King and not Sonic, Sega's famous blue mascot.

The Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System, (called Famicom) had a microphone in the second player controller. In games such as The Legend of Zelda, certain monsters could be "scared" by making loud noises which were picked up by the microphone. This fact was partially mentioned in the game's manual, which caused confusion in North America, where controllers did not feature the microphone.

Mattel HyperScan was a console marketed to and designed for children, but its pack-in game was rated T (Teen).
Donkey Kong used to challenge the player at the beginning of each round with the phrase "How high can you get?" This was later changed to "How high can you go?"

Tekken 1 was released during the fifth generation of consoles, when CD technology was new and CD loading was extremely slow. As a result, the game features mini-games which can be played while the next stage loads.
The Punch-Out! Russian enemy fighter Vodka Drunkenski was renamed to a more tame beverage when the game was ported to the NES home console. He was henceforth known as Soda Popinski.