Sega Saturn development - Saturnade
Saturnade is a Sega Saturn homebrew game inspired by a popular game featuring an avian flapping its wings to pass through the opening between vertical pipes. In Saturnade, the concept is reversed a bit, in that the player controls the opening, rather than the ship.

If the opening gets too close to the bottom of the screen, it will "snap" back and reappear at the top. This is so that the game is not trivialized by waiting for the opening to "land" at the bottom, and then work it upwards from there.

The starting point for this game was a tic-tac-toe source code which was a jumble of spaghetti code, with a nasty sauce of an SDL-like wrapper on top. The first few evenings were spent only on cleaning that up, and extracting useful bits.


CD image (compiled with the COFF toolchain) - ISO CD image. Tested in Yabause
CD image (compiled with the ELF toolchain) - ISO CD image. Tested in Yabause

Source code - Saturnade source code package
dev kit patch - a patch which may, or may not be needed, depending on what you're coding
dev kit - get this if you wish to compile Saturnade yourself, or if you'd like to develop your own games using this as a starting point! Tested in Windows XP. See instructions below.

Dev kit instructions

- installer will install it in C:\SaturnOrbit\ (it's required to be installed there). Select at least select one of the two supplied compiler toolchains (COFF, ELF). Windows 9x users must select the Win9x support.
- it is recommended to compile the libraries when asked to by the installer
- the patch fixes two libs and adds a dos extender to make BGCON work (Note: I did NOT have to apply this patch to compile Saturnade)