Ethelred the Unready medieval coin

The coin in the images below was minted during the reign of English king Ethelred (also Aethelred or Æthelred) the Unready. His unfortunate nickname had a different meaning in his day than in Modern English.

In the Old English of his time, unræd meant "ill-advised". It was a play on his actual name, Æthelred which meant "nobly-advised".

The obverse text reads EÐELRED REX ANGLORV, "Ethelred king of England".

The Ð is the Old English capital Eth, which sounds like a "th" in Modern English.
The obverse text is missing an M at the end. After some research I found that the minting in those days was inconsistent. I found some Ethelred coins which read "ANGL", some "ANGLO", and some which read "ANGLOR".