Gameboy Advance development - Balanced Diet
The game is based on smgbalib, and is the first game/tech demo to use everything in the library. I came up with the idea while feeling sluggish after eating binges during the holiday season. The purpose is to keep a balanced diet. You cannot become too unhealthy, but at the same time you wish to feel like you're living your life too, so too bland is also not good. You have quite a healthy appetite, so you eat four foods at once (by pressing A) after you've moved the cursor to the desired group of foods.

Depending on what you eat, the following happen:
  • four of a kind - eating four unhealthy or bland foods will greatly shift the balance toward the respective extreme (8x score bonus)
  • three of a kind - eating three unhealthy or bland foods will shift the balance toward the respective extreme (4x score bonus)
  • balanced (two unhealthy, two bland) - eating two unhealthy and two bland foods will shift the balance either way, randomly determined (no score bonus)
Also, the time between "meals" is limited. As you advance through the game, you need to eat more frequently, so be on your toes! (if you still can... )

Food listing:
Unhealthy - burger, donut, fries, hot dog, pizza, taco
Bland - carrot, green pepper, lemon, mushroom, grapes, turnip


Balanced Diet rom - the game rom. Use this with a Gameboy Advance emulator to play it, such as Visualboy Advance
Balanced Diet source code - grab this if you wish to modify the game. It requires a devkitadv development kit.
Visualboy Advance - A great emulator to use to play Gameboy Advance games, or to test your own code!
devkitadv - a solid GBA devkit. You will need this to develop for the GBA. All makefiles I provide assume that the directory devkitadv is unzipped in C:\ . Of course, you can change this, but you'll have to change some paths and/or makefiles.

Here is the game running on actual hardware, via a flash cartridge!

Limited 80-copy series

Balanced Diet has now been produced as part of a limited-run series of 80 copies.