King of Fighters - collection of all ten games on Neo Geo AES
I have recently completed my King of Fighters collection on Neo Geo AES (all ten games, ranging from KOF 94 to KOF 2003). I remembered that I had been looking for King of Fighters history-type videos before, but never found one that showed how the series evolved. I decided to make a video which includes openings, photographs of the AES games, and in-game footage for all ten titles. The music is from various titles between 94 and 2003.

I believe the series is important to the Neo Geo platform because it shows SNK's (the maker of Neo Geo) astounding energy and dedication - releasing a game every year as part of a series is a serious commitment!

King of Fighters 94

* First game to feature 3 on 3 teams
* Characters from many SNK franchises
* Boss: Rugal

King of Fighters 95

* Orochi Saga begins
* Teams can be edited
* Boss: Omega Rugal

King of Fighters 96

* Introduction of rolling move
* Super Desperation Moves are introduced
* Boss: Goenitz

King of Fighters 97

* Conclusion of Orochi Saga
* Selectable Extra and Advanced modes
* Boss: Orochi

King of Fighters 98

* Has no storyline
* Characters from all previous games
* Boss: Rugal

King of Fighters 99

* NESTS saga begins
* Striker team members are introduced
* Combat and Armor modes are introduced
* Boss: Krizalid

King of Fighters 2000

* Player-chosen Striker characters
* New Strikers from other SNK games
* Boss: Zero

King of Fighters 2001

* Conclusion of NESTS saga
* Flexible striker/fighter team ratio
* Boss: Igniz

King of Fighters 2002

* Has no storyline
* Characters from 99-2001
* Boss: Omega Rugal

King of Fighters 2003

* Sacred Treasures saga begins
* Introduction of tag system
* Boss: Mukai