Intellivision development - Hotel Bunny

Hotel Bunny has the player try to get several of the nine rabbits safely to the titulary hotel, located past a trial of up to three angry dogs.

Controls: Press right on the controller disc to get the bunny hopping towards the hotel. Press a top/bottom button to use carrot power.

To be successful, you must time the bunny's start well, and use your carrot power wisely.

I've developed this Intellivision homebrew using IntyBasic. It's a friendly BASIC flavour which can be clunky at times. However, I found it acceptable for very simple games, such as this one!


Hotel Bunny ROM - download this to run it in an emulator (I recommend Nostalgia)
Source code - Hotel Bunny source code package
Dev kit with ready-to-compile source code for Hotel Bunny - get this if you wish to compile the Hotel Bunny ROM yourself, or if you'd like to develop your own games using this as a starting point! Tested in Windows XP. Everything needed to compile the ROM is included.


Idea origin - the REAL Hotel Bunny

The idea for the game came from real life.

During an exceptionally harsh winter a few years ago, a rabbit settled near our house. To keep him warm, I built him a small den from a shipping box on top of which I piled snow.

Since he was to reside there only temporarily, I named his den "Hotel Bunny".

Physical cartridge

Hotel Bunny has been produced on physical cartridge, including a beautiful box and manual!

Interviewed in Retro Gamer issue 167

Hotel Bunny seemed interesting enough to Retro Gamer, that they asked for an interview!

Featured in Retro Gamer issue 165

The great people at the Retro Gamer magazine (in Britain) have included a Hotel Bunny screenshot at the beginning of the Homebrew Games section, as well as a small write-up about the game!

Running on real hardware

Here is Hotel Bunny running on my Intellivision console. Unfortunately, the RF modulator is no longer a spring chicken, resulting in severe interference on screen. It looks worse in the photo than when playing it.