Famiclone PAL games
I used to own and play games on a Famiclone (an unlicenced "pirate" clone of the Nintendo NES) back in Romania and I wanted to re-play some of those games now.
Thanks to eBay, I was able to "scour" the corners of the world for the exact games I used to play and love.

Here's how I put this small collection together:
  • Famiclone from Czech Republic
  • Aladdin from Peru
  • Super Fighter III from Argentina
  • Flintstones from USA

The famiclone console actually had a poor power connector, which I had to fix before playing anything:

Super Fighter III is actually an unlicenced (pirate) game. The surprising part is how good it is. It could easily fool someone that it passed Nintendo's quality checks:

Aladdin is also an unlicenced game - a port of the official Super Nintendo Aladdin game. I've played both, and I'm astounded that I actually enjoy this game better than the SNES one!

In the Flintstones game, Fred must gather parts of Gazoo's time machine to go into the future and rescue Dino and Hoppy. This is the official NES game, albeit text-hacked to remove official copyright notices.