Mortal Kombat (arcade, 1992) - playthrough on arcade machine
Mortal Kombat shocked me when I first saw it in the arcade. It felt slower than Street Fighter 2, but entirely more believable. Its fatalities actually hurt...

When I saw this as a kid, I knew I'd dream it that night.

In the video below, I finish the game on one credit (1cc clear), using Kano. I like playing as him because of his short-range, low-hitting jump kick. I also prefer his cannonball as a retaliatory move, because I can pull it off very quickly. Additionally, he's one of the three fighters who can stun lock opponents via repeatedly jumping towards them and punching while rising.

I use a few "cheap" methods here:

- plenty of jump kicks (used throughout because of their effectiveness)
- jumping rising punches (to stun lock Goro)
- crouch -> jumping away rising punch (against Liu Kang)
- crouch -> jump kick (the crouch baits Goro into throwing a fire ball)