Sony PlayStation development - The 11th Power
The 11th Power is my take on the (briefly) popular game 2048. Its name comes from the fact that:
1. 2048 is 2 to the 11th power
2. I made this long after 2048 stopped being popular

I had found a PlayStation SDK a long time ago, but was unsuccessful in getting it to work after a few tries. About 3 years later, I gave it another shot, and finally managed to fix it up, getting some sample source code to compile. The 11th Power was quite easy to develop, taking only about a week and a half's worth of evenings.
The 11th Power uses coloured balls instead of numbers, each representing an exponent. The order is as follows:
- One through four red balls
- One through four green balls
- One through three blue balls (three blue balls being the goal of 2048)


Executable (ROM) - a PlayStation executable file, which can be played in an emulator such as ePSXe
CD image - a PlayStation CD image of the game, which can be played in a modded PlayStation or an emulator
Source code - The 11th Power's source code package
Dev kit and source code - The 11th Power's ready to compile source code within a dev kit; grab this if you'd like to compile The 11th Power yourself, or develop your own games based on it. Tested in Windows XP.
To compile:
- Get a Windows XP machine (could perhaps be a VMWare virtual machine running a Windows XP VM)
- Unzip dev kit and source code package to c:\psyq
- Start up a Command Prompt (via cmd)
- Inside c:\psyq run PSPATHS.BAT
- Go to c:\psyq\the11thpower
- Run build.bat

How to create a CD image

To create a BIN CD image:
- Compile MAIN.EXE as described above
- Run c:\psyq\tools\cdrom\psxcdgen\PSx CD-Gen.exe
- In the right-hand panel drag and drop c:\psyq\the11thpower\cd_mastering\system.cnf
- In the right-hand panel drag and drop c:\psyq\the11thpower\MAIN.EXE
- By now, it should look like this:

- Click the IMG button on the left hand side tool panel, and save the11thpower.bin
- Run c:\psyq\tools\cdrom\dpatch\DiscPatcher.exe
- Browse to find your the11thpower.bin file
- Use the settings as shown below:

- Click Patch, which will patch your the11thpower.bin file
- the11thpower.bin can now be burned to a CD and played in a modded PlayStation. I burned it using ImgBurn at 1x write speed (took under a minute)