Sega CD development - Blackjack CD
In this Sega CD homebrew game, you play casino-style blackjack against a computer dealer. BasiEgaXorz is the Basic compiler/IDE/toolchain I used, and it's as clunky as its name. However, I cannot speak badly of its main advantage, which is the fact that it lets you go from source code to a compiled ROM (or a bootable CD image in this case) in one click.


CD image - the CD image of the game, which can be played on real hardware or an emulator such as Fusion364
Source code - The Blackjack CD single file source code
Compiler - BasiEgaXorz is the Basic compiler I used. It's deplorably buggy; since you have to install it from the install kit, I did not package the game source with it, so you'll have to download the Blackjack CD source separately from the link above. Tested in Windows XP.