Squire's Aid - a Knights of the Round mod/ROM hack (arcade, CPS)

Squire's Aid is a modification of the game Knights of the Round (1991 arcade game, by Capcom) whose purpose is to allow the player to train on stages of the game of his choosing.

A progress indicator shows which stages have already been completed.

Squire's Aid includes the following modifications to the original game:
  • player can select any of the game's stages to play
  • it is a single player game - only player one can start
  • stages have no time limit, and don't push you forward with annoying sounds
  • continuing is disabled
  • original game's intro sequences have been removed to begin playing faster


To run it in an emulator (such as MAME), start the game Knights of the Round (World 911127).
If MAME won't run it, then use:

        mame.exe knights

Work environment

ROM set: Knights of the Round (World, 911127)
ROM set filename: knights.zip
Debuggers: MAME 0.230 built-in debugger (primary, used for program analysis), WinKawaks 1.65 built-in debugger (secondary, used to test modifications quickly)
Assembler: LEA (for assembling binary patches)
Hex editor: HxD
OS: Windows 10
Patching, byte swapping: custom-built tools

It is worth mentioning that Squire's Aid was built on the foundation already created during the development of Warlock's Tower.