Atari 2600 EPROM adaptor
I built this EPROM adaptor so that I could test my Atari 2600 programs directly on the hardware.

I started with a original RealSports Baseball cartridge. After desoldering all components, I soldered in wires which go to a board which has the EPROM socket. I've used a 27C32 4kbyte EPROM and also a 74LS04 to convert the console's active high signal to the active low signal expected by the 27C32.

The cartridge was remarkably difficult to open without damaging. The six tabs at the edge of the case hold the two case halves together very firmly.

I used a desoldering pump and solder wick to remove all connections and the original mask ROM.

I finished with more solder wick, and checked that all holes were clean.

The 27C32 EPROM.

Writing a game to the EPROM.

River Raid running on the Atari 2600, via a broken RF box.