PocketStation development - Pocket Worm
Pocket Worm is a PocketStation homebrew game inspired by Nibbles. The goal is to guide the worm and eat the 30 pieces of food appearing randomly on the screen. As the worm eats food, it grows and speeds up.

The PocketStation is monochrome, has five buttons, and a resolution of 32 by 32 pixels. I restricted the play area to only 32 by 25 pixels to have some room for the goal information area. Still, I think the game is fun to play. It's very simple to play, but difficult to beat, because the worm moves quite fast when near the goal.


Pocket Worm ROM - download this to run it in an emulator (I recommend PKEmu)
Source code - Pocket Worm source code package
Dev kit with ready-to-compile source code for Pocket Worm - get this if you wish to compile the Pocket Worm ROM yourself, or if you'd like to develop your own games using this as a starting point! Tested in Windows XP.

Pocket Worm running on real hardware