Knights of the Round (arcade, 1991) - playthrough on arcade machine
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I've owned the Knights of the Round arcade board for a while and played it very rarely. At my peak, I was able to beat it with one credit (1cc, or "1 credit clear") in the local arcade at the time. It only happened once, but it was a very proud moment in my arcade gaming career!

I decided I wanted to take on that challenge again. I configured the JAMMA board close to how the one in my local arcade of the past was configured. I set the number of lives to 3, but cranked up the difficulty to hardest. I remember the difficulty being slightly lower, but definitely higher than medium.

My idea was to not only film the screen, but also the controls. I believe this better shows what the player is actually doing during gameplay. Oh, and this way you also get to experience my groans of frustration as I lose a few lives...

In any case, here's my 1 credit clear playthrough, on hardest difficulty, and starting with 3 lives:


[Cabinet]: Dynamo, 25in CRT (Philips M08X tube, Wells-Gardner K7000 chassis)
[Game]: original Knights of the Round (USA) JAMMA PCB
[Recording quality]: 1080p, 60fps