Knights of the Round (arcade, 1991) - playthrough on arcade machine
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If you liked this game, you will surely enjoy my 50+ page review of Knights of the Round. It covers arcade and SNES versions, Nintendo Power review, tricks, movie and historical references, and more. Find the review here.

I've owned the Knights of the Round arcade board for a while and played it very rarely. At my peak, I was able to beat it with one credit (1cc, or "1 credit clear") in the local arcade at the time. It only happened once, but it was a very proud moment in my arcade gaming career!

I decided I wanted to take on that challenge again. I configured the JAMMA board close to how the one in my local arcade of the past was configured. I set the number of lives to 3, but cranked up the difficulty to hardest. I remember the difficulty being slightly lower, but definitely higher than medium.

My idea was to not only film the screen, but also the controls. I believe this better shows what the player is actually doing during gameplay. Oh, and this way you also get to experience my groans of frustration as I lose a few lives...

In any case, here's my 1 credit clear playthrough, on hardest difficulty, and starting with 3 lives:


[Cabinet]: Dynamo, 25in CRT (Philips M08X tube, Wells-Gardner K7000 chassis)
[Game]: original Knights of the Round (USA) JAMMA PCB
[Recording quality]: 1080p, 60fps
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