Vacuum cleaners
Which appliance do you hate the most? Take a minute to think about it. For me, it's vacuum cleaners.

I despise vacuum cleaners.

A vacuum cleaner is a device with one motor, and one rotating brush. At least mine is. It sounds pretty simple. Why does it mess up in so many ways? I doubt anyone can come up with a device that can fail in so many ways a vacuum cleaner can. Spit dust back out in your face? Yes. Make your whole apartment smell like it's on fire? Check. Leave your carpet dirtier than before you vacuumed? You bet.

For some reason, vacuum cleaner designers felt the need to add all sorts of curvy surfaces, trying to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Sure, it looks better, and it makes you proud to own such an attractive appliance. Until you have to wipe it clean of all the dust it's gathered after a good round of vacuuming.

My vacuum is like a spoiled child. It's gone through the rebellion years, failing in all ways possible, and is now a full-fledged crackhead highschool dropout. I may be blinded by rage, but it seems that it can now PRODUCE dust. Not only does it not accumulate any dust inside the container, but it seems to spit out more than it takes in.

Has it defeated me? I can't tell ...
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