Small caps on plastic bottles
I am guilty of purchasing plastic water bottles. I am aware that I am hurting the planet, so I usually keep each bottle around for a week, refilling it from the tap. I am also aware that everyone is becoming obsessed with greener and greener plastic bottles (and other items, such as shopping bags).

I buy the Nestle water bottles. I noticed that the newest pack has much smaller caps. Not only are they harder to open, they also leak more easily. I can picture a Nestle product development boardroom:

     "All right folks, we need to make our bottles greener! Does anyone have any suggestions?"
     "DERRRRP how bout less plastic on the caps to save the planet good"

Nice going, idiots. Save 5% of the plastic used to make a bottle, while making them twice as hard to open. And they leak too. While many may think that this move is commendable, I cannot help but ask a simple question: If they care so much about the environment, why don't they stop producing bottles altogether?
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