Neo Geo history through commercials and documentaries
Last updated on November 9, 2014, 16:55 by Sebastian Mihai
The following documentary traces the origins of Neo Geo (and SNK projects before Neo Geo) and travels through time to its demise and rebirth.

The following video is a business pitch, likely targeted at investors. It gives an overview of the products, operations, financial details, corporate structure of SNK, the makers of Neo Geo.

Below is a montage I've made of all Neo Geo commercials I've found. They are funny, quirky, have bad acting (Terry Bogard walking down the street is just hilarious), and even worse dialogues; "I'm talking to you!". But they're interesting in a way; they show how the Japanese culture - especially what was regarded as cool in the early 90s - influenced the games they produced.

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Neo Geo history through commercials and documentaries

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