(My) Useful settings for fresh Windows installations on new computers
Last updated on June 11, 2011, 9:28 by Sebastian Mihai
Here is a simple checklist I use when I have just installed Windows, in order to make it feel right (to me). These are based on Windows 7, but most should definitely work on older versions as well.

  • adjust ClearType fonts
  • mouse wheel set to skip 8 lines rather than the default of 3
  • disable stickykeys (accessibility option)
  • reduce icon sizes to smallest
  • reduce taskbar icon sizes to smallest
  • disable grouping of tasks on taskbar
  • disable window minimize/maximize effects
  • disable menu open/close effects
  • opt to always show file extensions
  • set keyboard to short repeat delay and fast repeat rate
  • set the sound scheme to No Sounds
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(My) Useful settings for fresh Windows installations on new computers

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